Withania Somnifera Roots

Tonic, alterative, astringent, aphrodisiac, deobstruent, nervine, sedative, adaptogenic
Available in whole or powder form
Common Names:Winter Cherry, Ashwagandha, Asgandh.

The shoots of the (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera shrub are used in food and in India seeds of the (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera are used to thicken milk. African tribes also use (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera to treat fevers, and other inflammations. (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera is usually crushed and used in a traditional Ayurvedic formula called Shilajit or shilajatu. (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera has comparable properties as Chinese ginseng. (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera is heat neutral which means it has no warming or cooling properties. Unlike ginseng which is a warming herb. The active components in (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera are alkaloids and withanoloids which provides it with the properties it possesses. Withanoloids within (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera provides it all its medicinal character. Withanoloids consist of steroidal molecules which act to fight inflammation. (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera is frequently compared to Chinese ginsengs which contain molecules like withanoloids called ginsenosides. For this reason Withania somnifera is frequently called Indian ginseng. Therefore, both ginseng and (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera kindle the immune system, stop inflammation, increase memory, and helps maintain general healthy and wellness. Also it is known to augment the production of bone marrow, semen, and inhibits the aging process. The modern medical uses of (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera are diverse. One area in which it has been helpful is in the treatment of mental health issues. One study in particular gave thirty anxiety sufferers forty ml doses two times a day of a solution with its major ingredient of Withania Somnifera. After one month, all anxiety symptoms including panic attacks and paranoia had virtually disappeared. American counselors have also found the herb useful in treating depression, alcohol addiction and schizophrenia. Also, when (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera is taken frequently memory and learning skills augment noticeably. A lot of studies have been conducted to see the effects of (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera on tumors, arthritis, and other forms of inflammation. The studies proved that (Ashwagandha) Withania Somnifera acts as an anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory agent. It's naturally occurring steroidal content is much higher than that of hydrocortisone which is a common treatment in cancer cases.