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best quality herbs and extracts

Nature always gives the best solution to Health, and with help of science and technology we at HILLGREEN givessome of the best known Herb based solution to health. we are one of the leading providers of ingredients to the Dietary Supplement, Sport Nutrition, Pharmaceutical, Nutracetical, Food, Cosmetic & Ayurvedic industries. Our product and services ranges from High purity Herbs, Herb Powders, Hebal Extracts to Development of Herbal Extracts and Formulation based on Custom specified combinations to various therapeutic uses Our associationand experience of 20 years with various fields of the industry such as Cultivation, Collection, Manufacturing, Research and Development and Formulation helps us in giving our customers a single source for all their ingredient requirements.

Our Company

since 1985 we have reputation of Supplying High Purity herbs from our large Cultivation and Collection Network. We employe high standards of collection, drying, storing and packing for our herbs. We stock most of our rangeange of herbs, which enables us on timely delivery from stocks 100s of Tons of Herbs in our warehouse

We provides these herbs in whole herb form and powdered form


We supply with some of best know standardized extracts to the industry. Our Research and Development team is constantly into development of New Compounds based on various Thruraptic needs. Our Extracts are manufactured in our cgmp factories. We emphasis on quality and Standardize our extracts as per USP,BP,JP & IP.

With changing health patterns the need for Research and Development of New products of New products has gained vast important .We at HILLGREEN are into isolation and Development of new herb based compounds. We employe extensive research work in finding Botanicals herbs, which have beneficial effect on different ailments. Our team of experts work on isolation of compounds from these herbs.

We have of late ventured into supply of Herbs based Formulation to our customers based on different Herbs and Extracts. These Formulations are either customer specified orphans developed by our inhouse experts who come from various fields of medicine such as Ayurveda, Health Food, Diet and Nutrition foods.

HILLGREEN also supplies Herb based Formulation based on different Herbs and Extracts.These formulations are either customer specific or are developed by our in-house specialists who come from various fields of medicine such as Ayurveda,Health Food,Diet and Nutrition foods.